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Management Team Steve Fife President & CEO

Steve is passionate about bringing affordable, science-based products to market as well as seeing companies reach their potential.

Steve Fife likes to exceed expectations. And that might be putting it mildly. Because when it comes to his career and success, he definitely exceeds ours. Steve brings over three decades and a lot of financial leadership experience to LifeVantage where he uses big-picture strategic thinking and an in-the-weeds work ethic to create a healthy financial organization by focusing on delivering our growth strategy while creating value for customers, shareholders, and employees.

Management Team Alissa Neufeld General Counsel

For Alissa, success means everyone on the team is engaged, equally yoked, and growing from each other...This brings together a lot of talented people who work to make an even bigger impact.

Alissa Neufeld loves people and it shows. Throughout her career, she’s made it a priority to get to know her clients, team, and anyone she comes in contact with. Her sunny disposition is contagious, and she makes the legal process enjoyable for everyone—which is an incredible feat in the world of law. She was drawn to LifeVantage for the energetic and talented people and is a natural fit with her bright personality and brilliant mind.

As General Counsel at LifeVantage, Alissa’s role is to help the business grow while mitigating risk appropriately. Her legal career began with a state judicial clerkship at age 19 and then followed an exciting and winding path that started as a legal secretary, turned into a Ninth Circuit clerkship after law school, dived into mergers and acquisitions at a national law firm, and culminated with in-house counsel positions that ultimately led her to the pinnacle of her career now at LifeVantage.

For Alissa, success means everyone on the team is engaged, equally yoked, and growing from each other. She works to be inclusive and encourages diversity among her teammates. This brings together a lot of talented people who work seamlessly to make an even bigger impact.

Management Team Matt Cooley Chief Operating Officer

Matt’s ultimate working philosophy is to leave a positive impact wherever he works.

Matt Cooley has carved his unique career through curiosity and a love of problem-solving. His willingness to learn new skills on the spot has given him opportunities to fill roles ranging from software development to overseeing global operations to launching international markets. Now, in his role as COO at LifeVantage, his 20+ years of experience in the tech and beauty industries offer a distinct perspective on business operations.

Matt loves his work because he is driven by a desire to understand the issues that each department in the supply chain faces, especially as the business extends into international cultures and markets. He has an insatiable hunger to understand how other cultures think, grow, and develop and solve the puzzle of how to successfully expand into new markets—as well as a hunger for international food.

Matt’s ultimate working philosophy is to leave a positive impact wherever he works. This usually means building his team to ensure every member feels like they’ve contributed to solving the problems the organization collectively faces.

Management Team Carl Aure Chief Financial Officer

Carl has more than 15 years of finance and accounting experience in the direct-selling industry.

Carl Aure was appointed Chief Financial Officer of LifeVantage in October 2021. Carl has over 24 years of finance and accounting experience and more than 15 years in the direct-selling industry. His extensive expertise includes international expansion and operations, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning and analysis, technical accounting and SEC reporting, international tax, and treasury management.

Prior to LifeVantage, Carl was Chief Accounting Officer for New Age, Inc., a social-selling company with over 1,000 employees and operations in over 50 international markets. He joined the company in 2018 as Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller, following the acquisition of Morinda Holdings, Inc., which he joined in 2005. Preceding Morinda, Carl spent 8 years at KPMG, LLP, most recently as Senior Manager.

Carl is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Professional Accountancy from the University of Utah.

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